Group Structure

B&B Steelworks | B&B Bridges

The B&B Group of companies offers a full range of steelwork services that includes design, detailing, fabrication, installation and dismantling of steelwork and other associated activities.

The Group Structure can be considered as:


The team of B&B Bridges Ltd and B&B Steelworks Ltd recently came together under B&B Group Ltd.

B&B Steelworks concentrates on the fabrication and erection of steel for building structures.

B&B Bridges is the bridgework specialist.

The companies fabricate steelwork for projects all over the UK, as well as having a number of strategic partnering agreements with other fabrication ‘only’ companies to provide resilience and additional capacity.

The group is capable of handling almost any project ranging in size up to 2,000 tonnes dependant on programme requirements.

We would be pleased to discuss any opportunity that you may have to determine whether or not B&B could be of assistance to you.

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